Time to make a plan.

Click on the link below to download one of our pre arrange books with a personal profile included. The personal profile has all the questions we require to register a persons death, when needed. Other questions in the book may help to get some ideas started.

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A Funeral Bond is a specialized investment
which enables an individual to accumulate funds
to meet future funeral expenses.
An investment in a Funeral Bond is similar to a life insurance policy,
whereby the benefit becomes payable on death.
The benefits must be used to meet
an individual’s funeral expenses.

A Funeral Bond is an investment
the cost of a funeral
and by itself does
not guarantee
against rising funeral prices. 

There are a few organizations that offer Funeral Bonds.
It needs to be your decision which one you wish to invest with.
We can give you a very close estimate of
what your funeral would cost today,
and suggest you may decide to
pay more into the funeral Bond. 
When the Funeral bond is needed the
funeral expenses will come out of it and
the balance will be returned to the estate.
If there is not enough money in the Funeral bond
at the time needed, family will need to pay the balance.

As at 1 July 2023 the Funeral Bond allowable limit is $15,000.
Your funeral bond won’t count as an assessable asset
if  you have nominated it to a funeral director

The link below will direct you
to one company that offers funeral bonds.
And may help answer some questions.

Click here to be redirected to the Key Invest website

Click here to be redirected to Services Australia
regarding assets test and Centrelink.

If you would like an estimate of today’s costs for a funeral
please feel free to call or email and we will send to you.
Before we send out an estimate of costs we just need to
know if it will be a burial or cremation service.
You can find all our pricing estimates on our home page.